Let Them Eat Cake!!



Every Bride wants her wedding cake to draw gasps of admiration and wow the guests. It will also feature in more than a few of the Wedding photographs!

Whether she`s made it herself, or a talented grandmother or a professional baker…..she will hope it beautifully reflects the style and romantic theme of her Big Day. It may be very plain or a masterpiece of engineering, but it has to make her feel very happy!

Here are a few inspirational links for your to check out. But please remember, someone will have to have the required time and skills to make your dream cake a reality. About 6 months befor the wedding, take along a few photographs to show your Wedding Cake baker, and find out just how much work will be involved and an idea of the cost to create it. But also remember, that any baker worth his (or her!) icing will be able – with a few adjustments here and there – to adapt your dream cake to make it uniquely yours, as well as suiting your budget.

Click here for some lovely traditional cakey inspiration!

And click here for something a bit more wacky!



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